Macrophotography in VR


Macrophotography in VR. By capturing the interiors of a dollhouse with a custom camera-rig, together with Eva Gonggrijp, WeMakeVR was able to highlight all the beautiful details of the dollhouse that Eva’s grandmother built for her when she was a child. The captures, after stitching, were turned into a narrative. Within that narrative Eva combined the VR-footage with old recordings to bring the environment back to life.

Using the custom-rig, with its own workflow, WeMakeVR managed to capture all the objects sharply, which was quite the challenge working with miniature objects. But the technical achievements, creating a small form factor and finding a solution for VR-macrophotography were a secondary part of the project. The first was to look at the creative purpose. Because WeMakeVR believe the technology should follow that lead.

My main role in this project was the making of patches for the different shots of the Doll House. This was a lot of work, because there were a lot of stitchlines and the perspective of some camera's were a little bit off. I managed to clean up all the shots which were going to be used for the VR experience. I also worked on some of the stitches in this project.

Stitching: We photographed all the scenes with a custom-rig made by WeMakeVR. Stitching is the process of connecting all the different camera shots together, so that a 360 image is formed.

Patch making: After most of the editting process is done and the picture lock is complete, every shots gets a patch. The patching process is done to clean up the scene, for example clean up the camera rig clean up faulty stitch lines. Some parts of this patch can later be placed over the specific shot it's made for.

LINK (Vondel CS): VR Installatie 'Souvenir' in het MediaCafé.