Virtual Reality Minor

VR Minor Eindhoven 2017

In the beginning of the school year of 2017 I started a Minor in Virtual Reality. For this Minor I got the opportunity to make my own interactive VR experience. This was to show what you learned in the first semester of the minor. I started by choosing what kind of experience I wanted to make and on which platform I wanted to make it. I chose for some sort of Cowboy Western scene, in which the user could roast marshmallows over a fire together with a cowboy, shoot cans off a tree trunk and enjoy the scenery. I wanted to make it for the Oculus Rift CV1, because I wanted to have more experience with the CV1 in combination with Unity. I created all the 3D models, textures and animations myself in Blender and 3ds Max. I had never worked with Blender before this project, but I it worked out very well and I learned a lot from it.

It was really fun to make this exprience! Down here you can get an impression of the VR experience I made in Unity.