Into The Great Wide Open 2016


The annual festival Into The Great Wide Open is and event, which not many people can experience (because there are only 6000 tickets available). For all the people who couldn't be there, WeMakeVr made a three part ITGWO series (Part 1: The Crowd, Part 2: The Art, Part 3: The Music). So that these people can still experience the atmoshpere of the festival.

My main role in this project was the making of stitches for a lot of the scenes you can see in the three video's and working on the edit. I also worked on some of the patches for the video's.

Stitching: We filmed all the scenes with either the Falcon (A camera made by WeMakeVR) or the Hex (A camera made by WeMakeVR). These VR Camera use GoPro Camera's, all directed at a certain direction. Stitching is the process of connecting all the different camera shots together, so that a 360 image is formed.

Patch making: After most of the editting process is done and the picture lock is complete, every shots gets a patch. The patching process is done to clean up the scene, for example clean up the camera rig clean up faulty stitch lines. Some parts of this patch can later be placed over the specific shot it's made for.

Why don't you take a look at the VR Experience yourself, down here?