48H Film Project


Hollow is a VR film made for the 48H Film Project Amsterdam 2017. In this competition 23 teams compete and every team makes a film within one weekend. It starts on friday at 19.00h when every team gets signed to a genre, a line, a prop and a character. At that moment the writing of the story starts. The whole film has to be delivered to the organisation on Sunday at 19.00h.

The story follows Anna, who is sent an A.I. hologram of her husband after he is killed in action. The government usually sends these to widows, so Anna cannot possible expect what is actually going on: hackers are controlling the A.I. and are after the insurance money.

I got the chance to work with some of the best film professionals in the netherlands. My role in this project was the making of Stiches and Patches for the different shots.

Stitching: We filmed all the scenes with the GoPro Omni. This VR Camera uses 6 GoPro camera's, all directed at a certain direction. Stitching is the process of connecting all the different camera shots together, so that a 360 image is formed.

Patch making: After most of the editting process is done and the picture lock is complete, every shots gets a patch. The patching process is done to clean up the scene, for example clean up the camera rig clean up faulty stitch lines. Some parts of this patch can later be placed over the specific shot it's made for.

Why don't you take a look at the VR Film yourself, down here?