Hernia Repair



WeMakeVR and MDLinking have created the first multi-layered 360ยบ virtual reality experience. By capturing a medical operation from several angles at the same time, medical students and trained physicians will now be able to view a surgery from multiple perspectives inside virtual reality. This innovation brings great opportunities to not just medical training, but to all forms of education around the world.

My role in this project was the making of stitches for the different scenes.

Stitching: WeMakeVR filmed the scene with the Hex VR camera (made by WeMakeVR, which you can see in the banner picture on this page).This VR Camera uses 16 GoPro camera's, all directed at a certain direction. Stitching is the process of connecting all the different camera shots together, so that a 360 image is formed.

Why don't you take a look at the VR Experience yourself, down here?