VR Developer Graduation Internship


From February 2019 till July 2019 I did an internship at VROwl as an Graduation Intern VR Developer. I got the change to redesign and make a game for the 'VR Dining Games' application VROwl had worked on. VRDining games is and application that is used in restaurants across the Netherlands. The Spefic game I have created for this application is the 'bobsledding game'.

I really learned a lot from this internship and besides the hard work I also had fun creating it. It was a real challange to create a prototype VR Bobsledding game that met the criteria of VR Owl as well as the critera of Uitjesburea, wich the VR Dining Games application was made for, but I it really worked out well, as I got to build an awesome VR Game that both companies were really happy with.

Due to Covid-19 the finished game update publification is pushed till after Covid-19.

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