Hogeschool Leiden

Interaction Technology


I graduated from Hogeschool Leiden at the end of hte 2019 school year. I studied Interaction Technology there (former known as MediaTechnology). Interaction Technology mainly stands for the interaction between the user and a system (devices and software).

I mainly focused on developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. I did a minor in Virtual Reality, were I learned a lot about all the, then existing, aspects of Virtual Reality. I also did an internship at Virtual Reality Learning Lab, where I made a VR experience that had the goal to show teachers what is possible with the VR technology in the classroom. In this project I worked With Motion Capture, 3D modelling, C#, Unity etc. For my graduation internship I worked at VR Owl, where I build a whole new design and prototype for the Bobsledding game they made, because they were not happy with how it first turned out. This was a big succes and the company was very happy with my work!

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