Composition for the Media


HKU Music and Technology combines creativity with technological insight. You learn about everything to do with music, media and technology. The fields you can work in include composition, performance, music production and music technology,

I'm currently in my second year of Music and Technology and I have chosen the specialisation named 'Composition for the Media'. I think music has a huge impact on a final product, but it can make a product as well as break a product if not used right. So on the HKU I'm trying to learn how to find the right balance for a specific product, but also what the best way is to translate the ambience and emotions of a scene, cause I love to challenge myself to determine the ambience and translate the emotions of a scene into a piece of music!

I've had experience with writing music for VR Experiences, animations a documentary and a short film. While i'm doing this education, I'm trying to learn as much as possible and get as much experience as I can!

Checkout my HKU work by clicking on this link.

To learn more about the study Music and Technology, watch the video below!

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